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About This Site
We're a group of volunteers brought together to bring quality content to the net, as much as for ourselves, as for our friends, our families, and for all the wonderful people we've met during our travels on the Net. All of us have met either through or because of the Internet and all of us believe it can be a wonderful "virtual" world if we all work together to make it so.

Mission Statement
"bringing quality content to the Net on specific interests for all to enjoy in a friendly, fun, and supportive environment thanks to our many volunteers."

The best people in the world visit this site! - Where friendship comes first!

Karen August originally founded Time4me.Com with generous support and encouragement from co-owner Brian Myers - who is also listed as founder for this same reason.

Originally hosted in 1998 on a sister site - AUniverse.Com - under the category "Quality Time" it began growing in leaps and was officially set up on its own domain in March 1999.

Whew! Tough question - see, this is a true NetCommunity. One of the founders is in Ontario, Canada, the other Indiana, USA, we're virtually hosted through Concentrics out of California, USA, our volunteers are based all over the world, so let's see, if we were to give you a snail mail address, umm - well, contact us and depending on who best can answer you or who is the right person to contact with your mail, we'll have them get in touch with you, ok?

Tremendous Applause
To All Volunteers
In All Walks Of Life!

You Make This World
A Better Place To Live!

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The Net was growing so fast it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a warm, safe, environment to interact with others on subjects that interested us and share this information with each other and others out there surfing the net looking for quality content. We decided to create our own home. We still travel the net a lot - and it's always great fun to run into others we've formed strong bonds of friendship with here. It's almost like we've become a "buddy system" while surfing.

We're totally non-funded so the only way we can keep this site growing and going is through our sponsored ads and affiliations. You help support us each time you buy a book or print or other recommended product and we thank you very much for this much needed support. See, we had no idea this site would grow so fast and be so popular so quickly - which has also meant expenses growing quickly too. Thank you. You are our angels.

What do you think of us so far? We're very young yet, and would love to hear what you think. Please write us and let us know.

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