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Copyrights In The New Millenium
With all the new mediums there are many different copyrights applying to all writers. Here we explore the subject and get helpful links to many writer's resources.

How To Sell Your Book Electronically On The Net
Most of you have seen sites where you can buy a book on-line and download it instantly to your computer (or SoftBook, RocketBook, EveryBook, PalmPilot,...etc.). This topic shows you how you can do it and also explores the different formats currently under discussion on the Net. Learn what you should do BEFORE you start typing your next novel. Get the tools you need to convert your novels, articles, magazines, etc. to electronic downloadable format. Be able to secure certain pages, chapters, etc. to protect your copyrights and more!

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Resource Center
Here you will find reference materials and helpful tools by genre and to explore topics discussed here in further detail. We're also building our Writers Toolbox, On-Line Publishers section, Important Links, and more. Click Here to visit the Resource Center.

"Books That Changed My Life" is turning out to be a very successful topic center here at the Writers Nook. Several other sites are linking to our stories. Be sure to submit yours for publishing. With your story we'll add links to your Home Page so our visitors can "meet you" on-line (optional).

Special Note To Authors: We'd love to hear your story about a book you have written and published -- the trials and tribulations in writing it, editing it, getting published. Share here with all our members and visitors... a great way to get more exposure for your project!

We're way behind in updating the contests and events section. Sorry about that... things get way too busy for us here at Time4me these days. We're looking at possible ways to automate the process so people can visit us to post their contests and special events here for free. More about this coming soon. Meanwhile, if you have an contest or event you would like us to post in the Writer's Nook, be sure to Contact Us. Thanks for visiting!

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The Gregg Reference Manual
The Gregg Reference Manual
A Manual of Style, Grammar, Usage, and Formatting (Gregg Reference Manual)


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