How To Create And Sell Your Own eBooks On-Line

How To Create, Publish And Sell
Electronic Books (E-Books) Online

In this topic we show authors how they can create and publish their own electronic books downloadable off the Net. Writers will find information on how to sell their e-books through publishers or elect to publish it themselves and sell it from their own web sites.

Create And Sell Your Own E-Books Online

eBook Software and OnLine Publishing Services...

Information on how to convert your text documents into electronic formats for easy and safe download from the Net. Learn about built in securety measures to protect copyrights and ensure you are paid for your work.

eBook Formats and the Battle for On-Line Standards...

Find out about the Open Book Initiative, their goals, and why they are so important - to authors, publishers, and customers of on-line electronic books (and other publications available for download from the Net).

Pros And Cons...

What are the pros and cons of electronic publishing in this high tech age?

Tips On Writing...

What you should do BEFORE you begin typing that next novel.

Selling Your eBook On-Line

There are some important selling tools you will want to know about and have before proceeding.

Planning to Shop Your eBook to On-Line Publishers?

Here are some important points to consider and the beginning of a very large list of On-Line Publishers.

Electronic Copyrights

Things you should know about electronic copyrights which are above and beyond standard copyrights.

Recommended Reading...

We've built a small set of reference books on the subject of creating and selling your own e-Books.

Promotional Tools

Free on-Line marketing tools.

Success Stories

e-Book Readers (Hardware) with comparisons on some of the more popular readers on the market.

Just Links - both links referenced throughout this topic as well as additional helpful sources.

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EBook Formats
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Promotion Tools
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EBook Readers
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