Creating And Selling E-Books - The Pros and Cons

How To Create And Publish Electronic Books

Creating And Selling E-Books
The Pros & Cons For Creating Electronic Books

The debate on eBooks, or electronic books, and electronic publishing rages on even though this market is still in its infancy. No one denies the Internet has opened incredible new doorways of accessability to markets for writers. It will be interesting to see how much impact this medium will have on writers, agents, and publishers in the years to come.

We're going to sidestep the fearmongering and the extremist supporters for this new method of distributing books and deal in this part of our topic with the simple pros and cons of electronic books, listing them in point form, random order.

Advantages For Creating E-Books

Enthusiastic supporters of electronic publishing include writers, publishers, and readers new to this medium. They are eager to point out the advantages.

For the writer, advantages are claimed to be:

  • increased readership,
  • a reasonable monetary return for their work,
  • the continuing ability to control the rights to his or her work.
For the customers of written works, the advantages are claimed to be:
  • portability (some hardware readers store up to 10 books),
  • convenient storing (imagine that bookcase fitting into one tiny PC),
  • less expensive (or so it appears at this stage of the market),
  • instantly available through downloads.
For publishers, the advantages are claimed to be:
  • paperless mass production makes it far less expensive,
  • potential end of the "out of print" era,
  • easy distribution (with many new methods - on-line distributors, customer direct, affiliate programs...)

Disadvantages For Creating E-Books

The main disadvantage to eBooks is the lack of standard formats used today. Different hardware readers read the electronic information differently. This creates confusion for customers, since they must know which format to purchase in order to be able to read the eBook. Many customers are not well versed enough in software applications to be able to know which eBooks are compatable for their systems. This also creates difficulties for publishers in determining which formats to have available. Hopefully the Open eBook Initiative will take care of this problem in future, however, in a perfect world we have our own dreams of what the perfect eBook Reader would be.

Briefly, here's a list of some of the disadvantages to eBooks:

  • limited inventories of goods offered by any one vendor,
  • lack of standard formats among products and vendors,
  • lack of universal catalogs, and
  • price for the hardware readers.

The Multi-Media Advantage Of E-Books

One very important advantage to e-Books not listed under Pros is the multi-media capability of eBooks. Imagine adding sound to your book. How about moving graphics? And rich color photographs... These are things difficult (impossible?) to achieve in printed books. I can already imagine the educational materials which will be flooding the markets soon. How-to manuals of the future will be vastly different from those of the past! Add to this the ability to tie in hyperlinks instead of footnotes to refer to specific sites on the net for further information on any given topic. And now, with the latest version of E-ditor Software we can add the versatility of HTML4 and plug-ins! Well... the possibilities are endless, for both the writer and the reader!

While we wait for the industry to catch up with the demands for this new form of written works,
lets move on as writers to some Tips and for Writing and publishing your own eBook.

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