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Bassing With the Best
Bassin' With the Best - Techniques of America's Top Pros

by Gary White
Take nine top money winners on the pro largemouth-bass fishing tournament trail and have them all talk about their favorite lures or methods for catching the fish, and here it is! In the final chapter, some 25 other professional bass anglers list their tips and techniques.

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True Stories From The
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Frogs Or Minnows? Now That Is The Question!
True Story Submitted By:
B. Myers, Wheatfield, Indiana

I was approximately 11 years old and my Grandparents took me to Minnisota with them on vacation. I had spent  an hour or so one night in the light rain catching frogs for bait to be used on the next days fishing trip.

Well it was a beautiful morning for a fishing trip (even tho gramdpa thought it was raining too hard) *G* I and my cousin won out and we scurried to get all the equipment loaded in the boat while grandma and grandpa were finishing their breakfast.

We all got in the boat and headed out to a spot where grandpa had done very well the previous year. I immediately reached in and grabbed a nice fat frog and gently ran my hook through its snout.

Well now I was really excited, I had this nice fat frog on there and it looked as though we were in bass heaven. So I reared back and with all my might I cast that frog about 10 feet behind me!! and the hook about 10 feet in front of me... *sigh* Well to myself I thought good thing we got a whole bucket of these frogs cause they don't stay on the hook very well... *G*  so I reeled in the slack line and to my surprise there was a small minnow on my hook!! yep it was hooked right through the snout!!

So I decided to make a cast and see if it would stay on the hook just a little longer than that frog did.. And guess what? Just as soon as that little minnow hit the water and settled down, my pole bout jumped right out of my hand!!! Whoa the fight was on....

It took me what seemed like an hour and a couple trips around that boat, but I landed a nice 4 pound largemouth!! *LOL* Immediately my cousin wanted grandpa to hoist anchor and head for the baitshop to buy some minnows!!

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