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Life In The Woods-Returning To Camp
Life In The Woods-Returning To Camp
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Camp Fire Canoe
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Camping In The Great Outdoors

Camping In The Great Outdoors

Copyright © March 1998 K. Myers

With this article on camping in the great outdoors we're making a few assumptions. First, that you already have a camp or cottage of your own or have been tenting/camping before. Second, that you're here not to learn how to camp, but rather to enjoy it more gaining tips, techniques, ideas, and sharing your own with everyone joining us.

As with all of our topics, we promote a healthy respect for - and awareness of - the Great Outdoors believing this will increase everyone's enjoyment for the wilderness. So let's dive in here.

If you don't own a cottage/camp you're probably like me, the RV and/or tent style of camper. In either case, there are preparations that need to be made to make the trip more enjoyable and safer for all.

For the tenter or RV camper you will probably want to reserve your spot with the National Park of your choice. We've put together some helpful links to get you rolling. Check them out to the right.

For all forms of camping - having a handy check list to make sure you've brought all you need is important. We've drawn one up you can print off and customize to meet your needs.

Remember, it's always best to let someone you trust know where you are travelling and how long you will be gone. We've drawn up an emergency contact sheet/ house planner for this. Be sure to print off 2 copies so you can leave a copy with friends or family in the event they need to contact you or should something happen.

The resource center for this section of our club includes tip sheets, outdoor cooking recipes and ideas, fun project ideas, great gift ideas, supply centers, and more! Be sure to visit often as new pages are added on a regular basis.

Ahhhhh... the great outdoors! Fresh air, wilderness teaming with life, what a great way to get away from it all! Well... it can be. We're adding some of the more comical stories to our club center here on some of the camping trips that can go wrong. Want to hear more...? Click on the True Stories button.

But before we move on to the fun stuff - lets take a few minutes to practice safety. The wilderness requires a few special rules of respect to ensure a fun and safe trip for all.


For USA Reservations ParkNet The National Park Service

USA National Parks American Park Network Park Info Index

Canadian Parks Canadian Recreation Sites

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Mapquest Online Trip Planning

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