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Exploring Alternative Health

Alternative Health And Healing Explored

Welcome to the New Age Club where we explore new worlds in alternative health care such as aromatherapy, healing with herbs, and more. Also, venture into the lesser explored fields such as myths and history about healing with crystals, healing the body through the mind, taking the journey to self-discovery, never know where our next topic will lead. Enjoy!

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    Resource Center
  • Bookstore loaded with books on each topic we discuss.
  • Mini Art Galleries covering a wide range of New Age Subjects as well as Crystal Galleries brought to us by the Crystal Ball, Inc..
  • Aromatherapy recipe section.
  • Herbal remedies/information section.
  • Juicing - the power of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Most Popular Articles/Topics

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - Did you know each person has their own scent and that it changes slightly when you are sick, healthy, angry, joyful, in love...? Are you aware of how much essential oils can enrich your life - some say even heal? Explore this and more in this topic section of the New Age Club where you can delve into aromatherapy and discover how much it can do for you.

The Healing Powers of Crystals? - Crystals can transmit and receive radio waves, power quartz watches, set the timing on our home computers, and were even used to release the sound energies recorded on records. Scientists know a crystal set in an energy field will collect and focus that energy and that when squeezed, a crystal will release its own internal energy (the piezoelectric effect). However, science hasn't even begun to explore how powerful crystals can be in the task of focussing life energy. We explore the possibilities from historicl myths on the subject in this section.

About Our Club

Not exactly new age - more like ancient ways revived - heightening our spirituality, improving our minds, and alternative healing - this club is a journey into what many call the "New Wave". A very well known psychic had a vision that the New Wave of spirituality would be taking over the earth by the year 2,012 - that we would not recognize the earth as we see it today. Personally, I find this exciting news and I'm glad we're participating and preparing for this new future together.

Joining is easy and FREE. Simply sign up to our discussion list here (hosted at Yahoo! Groups).

Note To Members: As we don't have a full time webmaster many of our updates have been slow to reach the site. We're working on a solution to bring you much more in the near future.

Caution: In the case of any and all alternative healing topics here (and anywhere else on the Internet), we strongly recommend your physician is aware of any methods you are applying. Alternative healing, holistic healing, homeopathic health care and all other related subjects should not be considered a replacement for a doctor's care but rather as a possible aid to such care.

Alternative Health News

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New Age And Alternative Health Bestsellers

Scientific American Magazine, For The Latest Discoveries In Science And Alternative HealthScientific American Magazine

Scientific American emphasizes a wide variety of emerging technologies, giving scientists a chance to keep up in an increasingly specialized professional world. Innovative and controversial developments such as gene patenting and the latest from the unified field gurus are front and center in every issue.

A Brief History In Time by Stephen W. HawkingA Brief History In Time
by Stephen W. Hawking
Not your usual cup of tea... this book by Stephen Hawking is both thought provoking as it is frustrating, yet it will open your mind to thoughts about our Universe and how all came to be. Warning: You will be left thirsting for more on the subject.

Discover Magazine, For The Latest Discoveries In Science And Alternative HealthDiscover Magazine

Science rules the headlines these days, with new developments each week in genetics, astrophysics, computers, and medicine, and Discover is a great way to get a broad spectrum of science news.

Animals in Translation : Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal BehaviorAnimals In Translation

by Temple Grandin, Catherine Johnson
Philosophers and scientists have long wondered what goes on in the minds of animals, and this fascinating study gives a wealth of illuminating insights into that mystery.

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