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The Healing Power Of Crystals


The Healing Power of Jade

Jade: A peaceful stone for centuries of primary importance to the people of the Orient (where it is considered to be one of the most importance symbols of purity and serentiy) a highly prized stone, it is found in two varieties - Jadeite and Nephrite and comes in a wide range of colors including white, lavender, red, brown, yellow, orange, blue, and green - each color said to relate more specifically to certain ailments or organs.

Healing Properties: suggested healing properties common to all colors of Jade include, ability to mellow one's existance, rid negative thoughts and energy, soothe the mind making tasks seem easier and less complicated, strengthen the body's filtration and cleansing systems, develop a greater capacity for love, and assist in the removal of toxins. Also said to be a very protective stone.

Blue: peaceful and passive energy source said to assist in meditations and inner serenity.

Brown: said to connect us to the earth, comforting, applies well to settle matters of the home or adjust to new environments.

Green: said to be calming to the nervous system, representative of life or growth, help channel passions in a constructive way.

Lavender: said to be in touch with the emotions, beneficial to people who have been hurt by love or need to discover the gentleness within themselves, help learn restraint and subtlety in matters of emotional importance.

Red: said to be a passionate and active stone, it has been associated with many things from love, to anger, to madness - can make the wearer become agitated and feel the need to express anger - thereby helping to extract these feelings and come to terms with them, used to blow off steam, release tension, rid the mind/spirit of energies that if ignored too long can grow and become unmanageable.

White or Cream: said to help direct energies to their most advantageous outlet, help filter out distraction and aid in solution oriented thinking - some healers recommend White Jade for the eyes.

Yellow and Orange: both said to be stimulating and energetic with warmth which also adds a mellowness that is more soothing than frenetic, in tune with the sun they are said to impart joy and happiness, said to teach interconnectedness of all beings, help organs that process food and waste in our bodies, and said to help one assume a conscientious role in the cycle of life providing balance.

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