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The Healing Power Of Crystals


The Healing Power of Beryl Crystals

Beryl: A gemstone found in the USA, India, and USSR., comes in shades of yellow, gold, white, blue, or green. Both Aquamarines and Emeralds are types of Beryl.

Healing Properties: most basic is said to be its ability to help teach you to cease doing the unnecessary, aids in learning how to filter out distractions and unnecessary stimulation, enabling possessor to pare down a stressful existence, good for relieving stress and for calming the mind, beneficial for elimination organs such as the kidneys, liver, and intestines. Also believed to help strengthen the circulatory and pulmonary systems making them more resistant to toxins and pollutants. Owing to its soothing properties, said to be helpful to the eyes and throat and in easing a stressed mental state, also used as a sedative, especially in conjunction with Emeralds and Lapis Lazuli.

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