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The Healing Power Of Crystals


The Healing Power of Crystals
Copyright © K. Myers, 03-28-1998

Keep in mind as you read through this brief introduction to the "Healing Power of Crystals" that I am generally speaking, a skeptic, whenever I begin exploring a new topic on alternative healing. Though I approach new subject as a skeptic, I still do my best to keep an open mind -- meaning I try not to let my personal skepticism get in the way of absorbing new information... because I truly do LOVE to learn new things and explore new ways of thinking and/or seeing the world.

With that said, here are a few things I discovered while researching information for this article in the New Age Club.

Crystals And Gemstones Fact 1: all gemstones posess a crystalline structure. Ok, I know and accept this information.

Crystals And Gemstones Fact 2: crystalline structures can collect, focus, and emit electromagnetic energies. Alrighty, I can agree with this ... if/when the crystals are applied and/or positioned correctly.

More Facts: crystals can transmit and receive radio waves, power quartz watches, set the timing on our home computers, and were even once used to release the sound energies recorded on records. Scientists know a crystal set in an energy field will collect and focus that energy and that when squeezed, a crystal will release its own internal energy (the piezoelectric effect). However, science isn't even close to understanding how powerful crystals can be in the more important task of focussing life energy.

Quartz - The Master Gemstone:  Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen, a combination known to geologists as the building block of minerals.

It is one of the first crystals to be intensely studied for both its spiritual and technological properties. It was the first crystal used to transmit and receive radio waves, and it was also the first gemstone to be synthesized. It made possible the computer revolution. Let's understand (or try to) quartz on another level - holistic healing.

For instance, the effects of acupuncture are reported to be increased by 10 to 12 percent when the needles are coated with quartz crystal. Quartz also enhances muscle testing and protects individuals from certain kinds of radiation. These are only the known properties.

Resources: A few resources we relied on heavily to produce this topic are -- The Crystal Handbook by Kevin Sullivan -- Crystal Power, Crystal Healing : The Complete Handbook by Michael Gienger -- The Crystal Ball Inc. Online New Age Jewelry Descriptive Information

Notes: This topic would be far too long for us to delve too deeply into the mystery of crystals and their reported healing powers. For now, we will list a few different crystals/minerals and provide -- a brief description, some historical information, and what is believed to be the healing power for each. Simply select from the drop down box below for the crystal/mineral which interests you most and click the Get Info button. Enjoy!

Caution: In the case of any and all alternative healing topics here (and anywhere else on the Internet), we strongly recommend your physician is aware of any methods you are applying. Alternative healing, holistic healing, homeopathic health care and all other related subjects should not be considered a replacement for a doctor's care but rather as a possible aid to such care. If you are uncertain on the safety of using any information please be sure to consult your doctor prior to proceeding. We care strongly about you and want to be sure you are safe and well.

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