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My Son Has Colic!
"What Is Colic?" ...I remember smiling as I read the first page of an excellent article on the subject, as I got deeper into the article I actually laughed out loud - a laugh of joy or simply relief I'm not sure - but here at last I had finally found some reading material on the subject of colic that really did make sense. Suddenly I didn't feel so alone, so incompetent, so depressed at not being able to do anything for my baby. Suddenly I didn't feel like a failure...

They say one in every five babies born have colic. I think that's a bit exaggerated because there truly is a HUGE difference between a "fussy" baby and a baby with colic. I think a more fair estimate would be at least 24% of babies are labeled "fussy" at some time during the early months but only about half of these babies will fuss to the degree that they are labeled as colicky. I recall people saying things like "Oh, he's just being fussy. All babies get fussy now and then." ...or... "He's got you wrapped around his little finger. You're spoiling him already." ...or... "It's probably just his formula. Try changing it until you find something that works."

My son was my first child. I really didn't know for sure what a normal healthy baby was like (other than through babysitting I'd done as a young girl) but if what others were saying about my little boy was true then I found it very hard to believe women would ever have more than one child. I thought "One is enough of a nightmare for me. Does this mean I am totally incompetent as a mother? Could I actually not be able to handle motherhood?"

Heavens, there were times in his second week I was in total tears not being able to withstand his screams --- not knowing what else I could do for him. It was pushing me over the brink... Friends would say "...that's post-partem depression. It will pass." I couldn't convey to them the full extent of what I was going through. How could I tell these other mothers that my baby, my sweet angel, my little bundle of joy... was ripping away every shred of my sanity?!!? Heck, their babies had fussed now and then --- some had fussed a lot. If they could handle it why was I having so much trouble coping?

I say again ...... because there truly is a HUGE difference between a "fussy" baby and a baby with colic. Those of us who have had (or have) a colicky baby know exactly what I mean and can most probably empethize. Those who haven't may never truly understand. In both cases please read further. For those with a colicky baby, take heart and know there are others of us out here that share your pain and hope to help by sharing. Those without a colicky baby may possibly gain some insight and hopefully reading this will help you to become better at supporting parents with colicky babies... because Lord knows, we can sure use your support!


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