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Note: Each of our topics has its own art print gallery (in association with here at the Starving Artists Club as well as a special selection of books (in association with which focus on the topic content. Some topics also have additional free project sheets and/or free paint/craft recipes in our resource center. Enjoy!

Mona Lisa Topic - Most Visited

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The Fascination With Mona Lisa

The famous "Mona Lisa" painting. Learn when it was created, why it has fascinated millions for centuries, and the man behind the painting with some lesser known facts about his life. Also discover some of the techniques Leonardo da Vinci used to bring this painting to "life" and be able to practice them too! Everyone interested in portraiture will be interested in this topic section.

The Mona Lisa topic is still the most frequently visited topic in the Starving Artists Club. In addition to a brief description of how you can apply the sfumato technique (which is the style Leonardo Da Vinci used to make the Mona Lisa appear so lifelike) you will also find a recipe for egg tempura in our resource center (tempura painting was mentioned in this topic).

Other Topics

Starry Night Poster by Vincent Van Gogh In Association with
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Vincent Van Gogh
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Sunflowers Poster by Claude Monet In Association with
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Claude Monet
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