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Welcome To The Starving Artists Club

Artists from a wide range of art backgrounds share this club with art enthusiasts and appreciaters of the arts. Main topics we delve into here deal with the masters in painting, ...Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky, and Vincent Van Gogh to name a few. See our topic center to view what we have begun here...

We do have a lot more to offer other areas of the arts and crafts realm. For example, in our resource center, in addition to excellent reference books covering a wide range of complex art subjects and print galleries for each topic posted in our club, you will also discover a section with free craft recipes and free craft projects too!

Meet Other Starving Artists Online

We'll be expanding this section of the club soon. For starters, here is our first pick:

#1 Most Visited Topic - Mona Lisa

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The famous "Mona Lisa" painting. Learn when it was created, why it has fascinated millions for centuries, and the man behind the painting with some lesser known facts about his life. Also discover some of the techniques Leonardo da Vinci used to bring this painting to "life" and be able to practice them too! Everyone interested in portraiture will be interested in this topic section.

The Mona Lisa topic is still the most frequently visited topic in the Starving Artists Club. In addition to a brief description of how you can apply the sfumato technique (which is the style Leonardo Da Vinci used to make the Mona Lisa appear so lifelike) you will also find a recipe for egg tempura in our resource center (tempura painting was mentioned in this topic).

Message To Members

Notes To Members: Unfortunately, we don't have a regular webmaster so updates to this site are sporadic at best (sorry about that). And although we used to have a discussion list hosted for us elsewhere, we've had to temporarily suspend it until we can get a new moderator volunteer to maintain the list for us. If you would like to be advised when we do start this part of our club up again, you can contact us here and you will be the first to know when our discussions and message boards start up again. (Although our old discussion list is inactive we will keep it so we can be sure to have a way to contact you once we restart the club discussions. Mailings to this list are extremely rare... so don't worry - we won't fill your inbox up.)

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