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Books! Books! And More Books! - You can never be armed with enough information for the wilderness, the way we see it. We've carefully searched through thousands and thousands of titles on each of our Club topics, articles, and stories to bring you quality information to supplement everything we've covered in the Club -- and go a bit further with resources for related topics.

For example, our book picks for the subject of canoeing includes a selection of books for building your own canoe as well as paddling know-how, knots, and more. In our Camping section you'll find books on the basics right up through to the advanced, as well as reference material for related topics such as hiking, outdoor cooking, orienteering, and much more. You'll find detailed resource materials and even exciting (and often humorous) resources to suit your every need for the wilderness. You don't want to miss anything in this section of the Great Outdoors Club! Take your time -- enjoy!

Outdoor Cooking Fun! - We've put together a small sampler of some cool outdoor cooking recipes as well as a special section on bass fish recipes (this section is loaded!) with more coming as new topics are added to the club. Bon Appetite!

Beautiful Fine Art Prints! - Bring the wilderness indoors through art. We've put together a large collection of mini-galleries for each of our topics -- from photo prints by exceptional wildlife photographers to beautiful renderings of nature by artists around the world. Enjoy!

Handy Hints, Planners, Tips, And More! - From fishing tips to outdoor trip planning sheets/charts, to quick weather forecasting hints, survival kits, and much, much, more in store for you in our Handy Hints Section.

About Our Club

The Great Outdoors Club is for all outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy "roughing it" in the wilderness or prefer the "comfort RV" method of enjoying the outdoors, many of our topics include great information that will help you get more out of your experiences.

Joining is easy and FREE. Simply sign up through our discussion list here (hosted at Yahoo! Groups).

Note To Members: As we don't have a full time webmaster many of our updates have been slow to reach the site. We're working on a solution to bring you much more in the near future.

#1 Book Pick

Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills - An Excellent Book!
Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills

by John McPherson, Geri McPherson
An excellent book for all outdoor enthusiasts!

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Monarch of The Glen
Monarch of The Glen
Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry
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Morning in a Pine Forest
Morning in a Pine Forest
Shishkin, I.
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