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Welcome To The
Mood Gallery

What is a mood gallery?
The concept behind this section of our club is simple enough - communication. We believe the messages we receive through all of our senses changes our approach to our current situations in life and/or changes our outlook in life in general. Here, we experiment with "visual" senses to alter the mind/body state you may currently be in. They say a picture paints a thousand words - we believe they paint a thousand emotional messages (and more) too.

How This Site Works
Be sure you have peace and quiet before entering the galleries we will be hosting here. In order to fully benefit from the effects the pictures are intended to provide you must take 2 to 3 minutes - more if you feel you need it - to soak in the words as well as the images and their messages for each page. The first page of each gallery will explain what your journey through the gallery will do and how you can benefit most from it. If you find one gallery particularly useful for you be sure to bookmark it and return to enjoy its restorative effects whenever you feel the need. This is your "on-line" meditation time. We hope it benefits your world.

Enter The Gallery

More coming soon. Restoring a Sense
Of Hope
The Unicorn Gallery
If you enjoy this sample.

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