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Grooming Aids

Ionic Bath Pet Brush from Sharper Image
Love your dog but not the smell? You can brush away pet odors in minutes AND condition your pet's fur at the same time with this unique grooming aid.

Mega Deluxe LitterMaid from Sharper Image
The world's best automatic self-cleaning litter box. (Also, Click Here For 12 Additional Disposable LitterMaid Liners.)

Golden A-5 clipper with #40 Blade from allpets.com
Cool running motor, 45 watt power. Easy to clean filter screens. Insulated face plate. For continuous use with a powerful, cooler running motor.

More Grooming Aids...

Groom-master w/#7 blade from allpets.com - Wider blade-style and extra power saves time and effort. Powerful clipper for tough jobs. 12-foot heavy-duty cord. Clips dogs, horses and cattle. Double insulated, UL listed. 12 foot heavy-duty cord. Complete with medium #7, 1-8" 3.2 mm blade. Detachable blades are not interchangeable with A5 Blades

Finisher trimmer from allpets.com - "Whisper-quiet" pivot motor makes it perfect for trimming the ears and face. Lightweight and comes with a size 40 blade. 120 volts.

Citrusy orange flea and tick collar for dogs and cats from allpets.com - available in several sizes for both dogs and cats. Long-lasting flea and tick collar protection plus the pleasant citrus scent of d-limonene. Dog collar kills fleas for 12 months and ticks for 7 months, cat collar kills fleas for 11 months and ticks for 6 months.

Victory Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs from allpets.com - Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs is an insecticidal shampoo containing 0.075% pyrethrins, a naturally derived flea and tick killer. Veternarians use and recommend shampoo formulas with this pyrethrins level for effective kill of fleas and tics.

Heavy Duty Nail clipper from allpets.com - Comes with sure grip handles and a safety bar. Made of the finest quality US steel.

Unique Training Aids

Scarecrow Animal Deterrant from allpets.com
The New Generation Scarecrow is a passive animal deterrent that is economical and friendly to pets and the environment. Works much like a security light, by movement and heat. It uses 2 cups of water to deter animals. Once detected, a valve opens releasing a 3 sec. pulsating spray of water. 9 volt battery and a garden hose for hookup not included. Distance: It covers 1000 sq. ft. and has a 35 ft. deep and 45 ft. wide sensor zone.

Free spirit remote training collar from allpets.com
This remote dog trainer has seven levels of correction, all adjustable from the transmitter. Sealed magnetic on/off switch, waterproof collar receiver and a complete accessory package. Range: 300 yards.

X-mat extra from allpets.com
Create pet free zones. The X-Mats? flexible design features passive discomfort zones with pressure point bumps to condition a pet to respect an owners boundaries. Place on couches, counters, around garbage cans, etc. A great alternative to aggressive training discipline, electronics or chemicals.

More Training Aids...

Bitter Apple 8 Ounces Pump from allpets.com - Is your pet chewing on themselves or their bandages? Safe and effective, Bitter Apple helps stop your dog or puppy from this destructive habit. There is also a furniture formula to help prevent pets from chewing on wood furniture, doors and trim. A must-have for training mischievous puppies!

36" epoxy coated gate from allpets.com - Standing 36" tall this gate is taller than regular gates on the market. Both hinge and pressure mounting options are included. When hinge-mounted, the swing away option allows walk-thru convenience. Durable heavy gauge epoxy-coated wire. Won't crack and is resistant to chewing. Easy one hand operation.

Snappy trainer triple pack from allpets.com - Helps to correct behavior problems such as jumping, getting into trash, chewing, entering restricted areas and more. Patented mousetrap-like device that was designed to safely correct behavior by creating a snapping noise that startles the dog or cat at the moment it mis-behaves, the most effective time to correct behavior. For dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and rabbits.

Tattle tale from allpets.comDetects vibration and motion without ever moving and sets off a distinct 3 second alert to inform you of the disturbance. It has a super sensitive vibration that detects movement on a counter, sofa, or window/door great for security and pet uses. Helps to keep pets off of the furniture and anywhere they should not be.

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