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Fun and Funny Gift Ideas!

Wee.Bot Family Trio from Sharper Image - A family of "wee robots" has landed on our planet and is looking for a kind soul like you to adopt them! Animated, fun, cute and unpredictable, each member of this trio has a unique personality they make great companions for both kids and adults. Each Family Trio consists of Twirple (grown up with purple body and green eyes) and two little pups named Bop (red body with yellow eyes) and Zop (green body with orange eyes). You can communicate with Twirple using the wireless universal translator command Twirple to go left or right, forward or backward, or to eat, spin and dance. Since Bop and Zop are too young to understand the translator, they depend on their parental unit to beam messages for them to follow. They'll chatter to each other and attempt to communicate with you in their exotic language of beeps, burps, whimpers and squeals. But remember, giving them orders doesn't always mean that they will do it! Just like any pet or person, Wee.Bots™ will grumble and ignore you if they get tired, moody or hungry. So make sure you give your Wee.Bot family plenty of exercise otherwise they might fidget, fuss or try to sneak a quick nap. Press the "feed" button on the translator and Twirple will lead Bop and Zop as they slurp, gulp and munch ambient airborne digestibles. After a good meal, stroke the Wee.Bots' heads or rub their bellies and listen to them giggle and purr.

More Fun And Funny Gift Ideas!

Sound Waves from Sharper Image
Wave your hands, tap your fingers, create your own sensational music. An entirely new electrical "instrument".

Inflatable Flying Disc from Sharper Image
An inflatable flying disc - you fling to make it "sing". Great summer fun!

Q-Ring Talking Fortune-Teller
For answers on the go it's the Q-Ring! Ask yes and no questions and get over 140 different wacky answers.

Wurlitzer Jukebox from Sharper Image
Full-size '40s Wurlitzer jukebox holds 100 CDs

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