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Great Gift Ideas For Baby, Toddler, and Children

LeapStart Learning Table
by LeapFrog - Click Here
Highly Rated By Parents! Pull up, learn and explore with this musical activity table that teaches while baby plays! What is it? Turn musical activities into learning discoveries with this activity table! Learn mode introduces letters, numbers, shapes, colors, instrument sounds and more! Flip the center page to Music mode and baby can make music, play songs, and hear instrument sounds! How does it work? This item features over 40 songs and melodies, and sparkling lights. It helps develop motor skills with lots of fun things to spin, roll, slide push, open and close. The table legs detach so infants can play on the floor. Contoured grips make pulling up easy for toddlers. This Learning Table helps develop alphabet, counting 1 to 10, instrument sounds, colors, shapes, learning songs and cause and effect skills.

Stand Up Ball Blast - Click Here
Baby will have a blast learning to sit up and play, then stand and cruise! From a sitting or standing position, baby can drop one of five colorful balls into a chute and watch it roll down a spiraling track. Then, surprise! The balls pop out of openings at the bottom. Dancing lights, lively music and fun sound effects reward physical accomplishments. Safety Information CAUTION: This package contains small parts which are for adult assembly only.

V-Smile Game System - Click Here
Terrific FIRST Gamers System For Preschool Children! V-Smile is a unique leaning system that teaches children the preschool basics through interactive TV gaming. The console connects directly to your home TV! No additional equipment required! V.Smile TV Learning System includes the console, a joystick, and one game cartridge which is Adventures in Alphabet Park. The innovative joystick is adjustable for both right and left handed users. It features four flashing buttons and one large enter button specially designed for preschoolers. A second joystick can be connected for two player game play.

Explorer Globe - Click Here
Highly Rated by PARENTS! Award winning interactive globe teaches fascinating facts about continents, countries, oceans, population, land area and more. A great family activity for up to four players, with two fun learning games and a new base featuring easy to use game play controls. The worlds most intelligent talking globe will amaze you with its super IQ. Touch the globe with the NearTouch™ stylus and it will tell you global identification of countries, continents and oceans. You will also hear distance and flying times between two points, as well as stats on population, currency, music and time. It also includes challenging games. Requires four C batteries (not included).

Super Saver Teaching Bank
by LeapFrog - Click Here
LeapFrog's Super Saver Teaching Bank is a fun way to save and learn! Children learn important math and money concepts as they save real money to reach a personal goal. Each deposit is rewarded with songs, lights and fun facts! Insert a real coin to hear its name, value and a fun fact about the coin! The animated LCD screen shows the total saved in the bank. The bank recognizes the U.S. penny, nickel, dime and quarter. The goal dial lets you set your savings goal, and the goal lights measure your progress! Each time a coin is inserted, the total savings amount is announced, along with a phrase about how close you are to the savings goal. The goal meter will light up when you reach 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of the final goal, and when you reach the final goal! Press the $ button at any time to hear and see total savings and keep track of the savings goal. Press the $ button again to hear fun facts, jokes and songs! The Bank will announce when it is full. It can hold the following total coins: 120 quarters = $30.00, 200 dimes=$20.00, 130 nickels=$6.50, or 250 pennies=$2.50. Parent Guide includes a page to record withdrawals! High/low volume control and 3 AA batteries included.

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