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Gifts For Women - Something Soothing

Aroma Wrap from The Garden Center
Warmed in your microwave, the Aroma Wrap gently relaxes aching muscles, while you enjoy the calming scents of lavender, rosemary and cloves.

CD Radio/Alarm Clock with Sound Soother from Sharper Image
Fall asleep to soothing nature sounds and wake up to the radio, alarm or your favorite CD.

Magnetic Eye Mask from Sharper Image
Magnetic therapy eye mask for relief of tension and pain - believed to enhance the body's own natural healing process. Blocks light and other distractions.

Personal Care Product Ideas

Ionic Conditioning Quiet Hair Dryer from Sharper Image - Ionic Conditioning Quiet Hair Dryer leaves hair soft and smooth. Features a mighty 1,875 watts of power and three heat/speed settings. (Or get the set - Ionic Hair Wand 2.0 and Ionic Conditioning Quiet Hairdryer.)

Foot Spa with Remote Control From Sharper Image - Complete "spa" treatment soothes and restores tired, aching feet. Vibration massage (wet or dry), jet-action bubbles or water jet. Choose a programmed sequence of treatments with or without heat. Two rollers, three massagers, pumice stone, brush and two pairs of gel pads.

NailCare System From Sharper Image - Luxurious manicure system quickly dries wet polish on 10 fingernails at the same time. Trim, file, contour, shape and buff natural or artificial nails. Built-in air dryer accommodates both hands at once. Also dries toenails one foot at a time. Includes seven interchangeable heads.

"Human Touch" Massage Recliner From Sharper Image - Rolling, kneading, percussion and compression Robotic MassageTM. Two pre-programmed sessions: one lasts five minutes; the other, 15. Supple upholstery; foam cushions; power recline button; built-in footrest. Plugs into wall outlet; Includes wired remote; 15-minute auto shutoff. You really have to see this one to believe it! Amazing!

The Most Important Gift You'll Ever Give!

Tony Robbins Personal Power - Whether it's for your friend, or for yourself, you will never, ever give a more important gift than this powerful life-changing set by Anthony Robbins. Change your life forever in only 30 days! See for yourself why Tony Robbins is respected as the leading peak performance expert in the world - and why Personal Power is the most successful personal-achievement program of all time.

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