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Monopoly Tycoon

Monopoly Tycoon

The Sim for would-be tycoons! In this contest of enterprise and entrepreneurship, the traditional fantasy of "owning it all" is taken to the next level. Start with nothing but your inheritance and a dream to acquire wealth by buying and developing the Monopoly properties you know and love. Plan, invest, build, demolish, and bankrupt your opponents in a beautiful, real time 3D environment, populated by hundreds of citizens who will rent your apartments and buy from your businesses. It's all about money - and making more of it than your opponents.

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Lights Out - Try to eliminate all the boxes to win. When you check a box, all the squares around it (one above, one below, and one to each side) are unselected. You can play in five different levels of difficulty. Caution: Addictive!!

Magic Squares - Here is a fun JavaScript game. Try to put the squares back in order. The  '0' repesents the empty spot, and click a square next to the 0 to make them trade places! Get the squares back in order and you win!

Peg (Solitaire Checkers) - An interesting little JavaScript game where you try to leave only one peg by jumping one over another and removing the 'jumped' peg. Sound easy? Choose your puzzles layout. See how well you can do!

Shift-It Letters Puzzle - Play this addictive little JavaScript game - try to put all the pieces in alphabetical order, 'A' through 'O'. Awesome!

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Flo's back from Nirvana just in time to help four fellow restaurant owners face the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big.

Fast Family Fun!!

Diner Dash 2 - Restaurant Rescue

Seat customers, take orders, serve drinks, deliver food, and collect tips in your effort to earn enough to keep Mr. Big from demolishing these local eateries. Earn a little extra and hit the expert score for the best in restaurant upgrades! Along the way you'll find quirky new characters, challenging new restaurants, and more than a few surprises.

If you're hungry for fast family fun, Diner Dash 2 - Restaurant Rescue is your special of the day!

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