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I've been so busy maintaining the Search Engine, the WebGuide, and the rest of our sections here at Time4me that it seems this section never gets a proper update anymore these days. My apologies to all webmasters out there.

Owing to our growth over the past year, we've had to upgrade our web hosting capabilities. (Translation: we've moved to dedicated servers.) Additionally, we want to provide some new cool services many of our visitors have been requesting. To do this, we needed more up-to-date server capabilities which a shared hosting service would be unable to provide for us.

Bear with us while we complete reconstructing and modifying several sections of our site, including this one. The wait will be worth it for all. Please bookmark this page and return again (approximately May 2002) to see our new Webmaster Freebies along with some terrific new tools.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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