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It's now over 4 years since this section of our site was built and loaded to the world wide web. During that time I tried and tested over 157 free-to-join pay-to-surf, pay-to-read-email, and various other pay-to-act programs. Some programs changed their details so radically they never even looked like the same offer by the time they were through. Others just dropped out of sight without any warning or explanation. Still others never did fully launch 'nor did they do what they said they were planning to do. Out of the 57 programs tested, only 28 made it on our site, ...and out of those, only 2 proved to be worth keeping (in our opinion). Here's the list:

We never had the opportunity to try some of the other parts to their program, but we are still active in their pay-to-read-email sector. We've never received any complaints about the program from our downline members either.

Although they did make some small changes to their original plan, SendMoreInfo has been steady and reliable in payments and their e-mails have actually been interesting. As a pay-to-read-email program I'm still using them, both to market some of my other programs, and to generate a small extra income too.

So What's Up Next?

So there you have it... the only 2 programs we elected to keep listed in this section of our site. You may be wondering 'So what happens now? Are any new programs going to be tested and possibly added?' In a word, NO.

I sort of got tired of rushing back here to our site to make changes to our pages every time a program decided to make a change on their site. More importantly, I got really tired of the nickels and dimes I was making --- sometimes waiting months and months for one small check. I decided to test a new program out instead -- as a paying member -- and I have to tell you, it's been extremely lucrative for me. (Click here to read my story about how I joined and why.)

With the above said, please don't contact me with great news about any more free pay-to-surf, pay-to-read-email, pay-to-click, or pay-to-do-anything-else programs. I'm completely happy with the FreeLife. I'm making some excellent money. I'm helping all of my downline make money. And the best part -- WE'RE ALL HAVING FUN at it. In fact, I can honestly say I'm having a lot more fun with FreeLife than I've had with any other networking program I've ever joined or tested in these past 6 years on the Internet.

The funny part about all of this is I first joined The Team because I was in debt beyond belief (sound familiar?) and it only cost an initial $35 to get started plus one activation order ... I had no idea it would be making me so much money so quickly. I also had no idea my wife would see such DRAMATIC CHANGES in her health from the product we received when we activated the account.

So, if you're here to see the latest in "get-paid-to-do-anything" programs, I'm sorry to disappoint you. However, if you're going to work so darn hard promoting something to build a network so you can get a few nickels a month --- hey, stop and think a minute. Imagine working that hard to find people who sign up to a program that actually pays dollars instead of cents PLUS HELPS those people in such a HUGE WAY! You only need 3 active personal referrals working with you in the program to reach maximum commissions. AND, even more important, if you have any non-distributing customers ordering just 4 bottles of their flagship product a month, you don't even have to purchase products to earn an income if you don't want to. (It's pretty hard NOT to order, though. Once you taste this juice, you won't want to be without it!) Think about it. Meanwhile...

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