Birthstones & Flowers

March ~ Bloodstone, Aquamarine ~ Courage
Aquamarine: Think of the dark, deep blue of the Atlantic or the pale, transparent blue of the Caribbean. The color range of Aquamarines spans the seas. Even its name comes from "sea water." Not surprisingly, aquamarine is said to have been the treasure of mermaids. Yet its powers work on land to assure a long marriage, according to legend. Deep blue aquamarines are the most prized. Aquamarines can be cut into many shapes, each with a beauty of its own. The Auqamarine blue with tinges of green complements most skin tones, and produces a flattering fit for both formal and informal fashion.

Also ~ Bloodstone: Bloodstone, commonly found in the USSR and India, is deep green with flecks of red, often resembling drops of blood, hence its name. Technically, it is a type of opaque Quartz. Bloodstone is said to increase courage and to help in avoiding dangerous situations by soothing the mind. (Information provided by The New Age Club.)

4 x 3mm oval aquamarine is set
amid swirls of 10k gold on a 17-inch chain
Pic provided by
aquamarine pendant

Your Flower(s)

The jonquil and daffodil (most people think of both as the same although the jonquil is usually used to refer to the smaller more fragrant version of daffodil) is March's flower. Usually found in bright golds and yellows to brilliant whites with yellow centers. They have been successfully grown nearly anywhere - zones 4-8. Flower pics provided by ArtToday.


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