Birthstones & Flowers

December ~ Turquoise, Zircon ~ Prosperity
Turquoise: Turquoise is a common stone found in the United States, France, and Tibet and has achieved great prominence in recent years as jewelry. It ranges in color from sky blue to a soft green-blue. It is said to "tune in" to the person carrying or holding it and transmits their energies back to the world. Turquoise is als said to be a stone that stimulates the elevation of goals or understanding. (Information provided by The New Age Club.)

Also Zircon: Zircon is usually a clear stone that comes in shades of brown, red, yellow, green, and blue - found in North America, France, and Italy. This stone is often seen as an inexpensive look-alike for Diamond, the the healing qualities are said to differ greatly. It is said Zircon helps us search out peace and quiet - and teach reserve and patience. (Information provided by The New Age Club.)

Your Flowers

The December flowers are narcissus (better known as daffodils) found in shades from brilliant yellow to soft white, and holly - now a familiar, though not native, ornamental and Christmas plant. At one time, tea brewed from its leaves was considered medically significant for gout, kidney stones, urinary problems, chronic bronchitis, rheumatism and arthritis, but it has been superceded by better, safer medicines. Flower pics provided by ArtToday.


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