Birthstones & Flowers

August ~ Peridot, Sardonyx ~ Married Happiness
Peridot: "Evening emerald" is the name the Romans gave peridot (pronounced perry-dough). Light olive to deep bottle green, peridots were thought to bring happiness in marriage, eloquence and serenity. Crystals of peridot are found in rocks spewed from volcanoes. Hawaiians treasure peridot as the tears shed by the goddess Pele, named for the island's still active volcano. Peridots come in a variety of faceted and rounded shapes. As an alternative to emeralds, peridots make striking rings and bracelets.

Seven bright green peridots form the fun,
flirty floral motif in this pretty pendant.
Pic provided by

Also Sardonyx: Sardonyx is a layered combination of Sard and Onyx, both belonging to the Chalcedony family. Found in Brazil and India, it can include shades of red, brown, black, or white. The color of the stone is said to produce different energies - red stimulates, brown is grounding, black is absorbing and white is purifying. In healing with crystals this stone is best known for its effects upon the bones and lungs. (Information provided by The New Age Club.)

Your Flower(s)

August flowers are the Poppy and the Gladiolus (gladiola) both perrenials found frequently in flower gardens. We won't go into the full scope here of the opium-producing poppy. But the gladiola, my personal favourite, has some interesting side properties. If you can get them pure white, try putting them in a vase with colored water (using food coloring) and watch the pastel colors flow into the buds over the days. Flower pics provided by ArtToday.


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